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Hello! I’m a mailbox locksmith in Menifee, CA. I have 9 years of experience as a locksmith.

Customers call me to work on their mailboxes often. Most of the time it’s because they have lost their key or can’t get in their mailbox. When this happens we can pick the lock and make a new key. Sometimes we even have to replace the lock altogether or do a lock repair. Whether it’s just replacing your key or replacing your lock our Menifee Locksmith company is confident that we can help you. Often times a mailbox locksmith job isn’t an emergency locksmith in Menifee need but it is something that needs to be done and we can help.

What Type of Mailbox Do You Have?

When it comes to working on mailboxes for residential customers the most common mailbox we work on are community type mailboxes. These mailboxes are often grouped together and in one location. If you have this type of mailbox, the first thing we need from you is an exact mailbox number. Because a lot of our customers just moved into their apartment or condo they don’t always know which mailbox is theirs. Because of this we require that our customers know which mailbox is theirs. We can’t pick a mailbox if you are not sure it’s yours.

Some residential homes have locks on their mailboxes as well. For example, a wall-mounted mailbox next to a door may have a lock on the mailbox. Even some street mailboxes can have locks on them for extra security.

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