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temecula caWe offer our locksmith services in Temecula, California with our mobile locksmith services. We created this page on our locksmith website to let everyone know that yes we do offer our services in Temecula and we want to share some interesting facts and information about this beautiful city in Riverside County, CA.

* To learn more about Temecula you can visit the Temecula City Website or the Temecula Wikipedia page.

Temecula Information

Did you know that Temecula is one of the biggest cities in population in Riverside County, CA? It is true. Temecula has over 100,000 people that call it home. That doesn’t include all the tourists that visit Temecula all year round. Temecula has some nationally renowned championship golf courses, wineries, and festivals. Temecula is truly a beautiful place that many love to visit. It helps that many love the wine industry in Temecula that is so prevalent.

Temecula wasn’t always a tourists destination or home to many Californians. It was first inhabited by the Temecula Native Americans. In fact, over 1,000 native americans still call Temecula their home and provide a deep rich culture to the area.

There is a lot of neat history facts and information about Temecula on Wikipedia. If you want to connect with other Temecula businesses, a great place to start looking is with the Temecula Chamber of Commerce. If you know of any other neat facts, please share them with us so we can add them here.

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