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Key Fob Replacement

We do key fob replacements! What was life like before key fobs? For those who have lost their key fobs or their key fobs are broken the reality of life without key fobs is all too familiar.

Common Reasons Why Key Fobs Need Replaced

Just like everything the most common reason something needs replaced is because it no longer workers. Key fobs don’t last forever and from time to time need to be replaced and reprogrammed for the vehicle. If you have found yourself with a broken key fob, then call us today to inquire about getting a brand new key fob programmed for your call.

Another common reason why people need new key fobs is because they run out of batteries. Yep, those little batteries last a long time but not forever. Most of the time customers can order their own batteries online and simply pop them in when they arrive in the mail. If you need help ordering the batteries, let us know.

What is a Key Fob?

Key fobs are remote entrance devices that allow someone to lock their car, unlock their car, and cause their car horn to beep (panic button ) from anywhere from 1 foot to 100 feet away. The key fob is extremely convenient and quick. Cars that don’t have this functionality require keys to be inserted to the locks manually each time. Once someone gets used to a key fob life can be pretty annoying without one.

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