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Car Door Lock Repair

We offer car door lock repair in Menifee, CA and surrounding cities.. Our car door lock repair services are 100% mobile and guaranteed. We service both electronic car door locks and manual car door locks. If you car’s locks are not working, don’t wait to get them fixed. Your car locks are what keeps your car safe from vandalism and thefts.

Door Lock Actuator Repair

With electronic car locks the problem often can be found in the lock actuator. The actuator is a small motor that basically mimics the up and down motion on a manual car door lock. We can test the actuator to see if it is causing your locks to not work. If it is the actuator, we can replace it and install a new working lock actuator.

Car Ignition Lock Repair

Does your car have a ignition lock? If your car’s ignition lock is broken we can help you get it fixed. Car ignition locks don’t break often but when they do you need it fixed right away.

We look forward to helping fix your car locks whether they be your door locks, ignition locks, or even the lock on your trunk.

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